About iinfacts

Research at CESPU is done within the Institute of Research and Advanced Training in Health Sciences and Technologies (iinfacts), which encompasses teachers/researchers from CESPU schools. The mission of iinfacts is to promote cutting-edge research with real impact in health and provides graduate training in health sciences.

Research is organized around three interdisciplinary areas:

i) Drug Discovery Delivery and Toxicology;

ii) Environmental Research;

iii) Clinical Research.

The iinfacts comprises 60 PhD researchers with complementary academic backgrounds, collaborating with national and foreign research institutions from different countries, and annually producing around 90 ISI publications (> 50% Q1), with an average IF of 3.5, of basic and clinical significance.

Through its critical mass and well equipped facilities, iinfacts provides an excellent environment for advanced training supervised by iinfacts members (PhD students most of which with a FCT grant; many MSc students) supporting national MSc and PhD programs in health sciences, including the recently approved CESPU Doctoral Program in “Biological Sciences Applied to Health”.
Besides, CESPU provides researchers with the necessary support (access to all facilities, technical and administrative services) to successfully execute their projects.