Forensic Sciences Research

COORDINATOR: Ricardo Jorge Dinis-Oliveira | ORCID


Nowadays Forensic Sciences acquires great importance in several scientific areas such as medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, chemistry, biology, etc.. It refers broadly to the multidisciplinary use of science in matters of law. It is used to identify a growing number of specialties and subspecialties, particularly in medicine and life sciences, that applies scientifically valid and legally admissible methods to clarify evidence that is being examined, or may be in the future, at judicial and judiciary level, under criminal or some other branch of the law. In its broadest sense is the study of the person as victim of violence.

The research area of Forensic Sciences Research has as general objectives the promotion, development and dissemination of scientific research in the field of Forensic Sciences in a multidisciplinary approach, cementing the importance of forensic sciences at national and international level. For the achievement of its objectives the FSR aims to develop scientific projects in the field of forensic sciences, congresses, seminars or other similar activities, active publication of scientific articles and other documents and to provide through its research conditions for conducting expertise and advice upon request of public or private entities or individuals.



  1. In vivo
  2. Postmortem